AP Bearings for Industrial Application

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In addition to railroad applications, AP bearings are successfully used in many types of industrial applications. This can be attrib- uted to many factors including the bearing’s high load carrying ca- pacity and its adaptability to a wide variety of applications.• AP bearings are adaptable to a wide range of applications. in new designs and changeovers from other bearing types. AP bearings range in bore size from 101.6 to 203.2 mm (4 to 8 inches). Optional auxiliary parts can be added to suit a wide range of mounting configurations.


Bearings support the rotor in industrial rotating machinery, transferring loads from the rotating components to the stationary casing. Thrust bearings accommodate the axial loads, and journal bearings accommodate the radial loads. Hydrodynamic bearings are commonly used in large turbines, generators, compressors, gearboxes and pumps in the power generation and oil.


KOYO 6204 Bearing

500SP1 SL1 Dry 0.50;Period
10 mm OILES 500SP1 SL1 Hig

HM129848-90177 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Recessed end cap K399072-90010 AP TM ROLLER BEARINGS SERVICE

5/16 in SAE 841, CT-1000-K26
None Static 8000 / D

Backing ring K85095-90010 APTM Bearings for Industrial Applications

Uncoated 5900 RPM
Two-Piece -65 to +392 &de

HM129848-90176 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Timken AP Bearings Assembly

HM129848-90176 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB 1 pcs

HM129848-90218 HM129813XD Cone spacer HM129848XB Backing ring K85095-90010 compact tapered roller bearing units

Single Cup Class 2
No Hole 1.7500 in

HM127446 HM127417XD Cone spacer HM127446XB Tapered Roller Bearings Assembly

Stainless Steel 1 in
UHMW-PE Two-Bolt Base

HM124646-90133 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Recessed end cap K399070-90010 Backing ring K85588-90010 Integrated Assembly Caps

C3 Lubrication Groove &
0.0590 in 37600 lbs

HM124646-90116 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC AP Bearings for Industrial Application

5000 RPM Uncoated
310000 N Outer Ring Guided

HM124646-90132 HM124616XD Cone spacer HM124646XC Backing ring K85588-90010 AP TM ROLLER BEARINGS SERVICE

13.0000 in 1400 RPM
Powder Coated 5-9/64 in